Download Child Care Java Project Free For Vu Final Year Project CS619 Help

Java is a programming language that produces software for multiple platforms. When a programmer writes a Java application, the compiled code (known as bytecode) runs on most operating systems (OS), including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Java derives much of its syntax from the C and C++ programming languages.Java is the maximum used language. There are many places where java is used, lets see few of them:

Application server - This is the most common use of java today. The system of java contains application and web server like websphere(application server) and tomcat(web server).
Web applications - Java supoorts web applications through servlets,struts and JSP.
Mobile Applications - JME or J2ME is cross platform framework used to build applications that run on java supported devices.
Desktop applications(GUI) - Java provide GUI applications through AWT and swings, these component helps programmer to create user friendly applications with minimum effort.
Enterprise Applications - Java Enterprise edition is a platform that provides API and run time environment for running enterprise software. It helps to build platform which includes web services and networking.
These are most uses of java but java is also used in many other fields like big data technologies, embedded systems, software applications etc. etc.
Objective/ Vision
A software product which provides solution for baby health, baby food, baby tips, baby products, baby names, parenting etc. Here, user can view baby names, baby names by religion, baby tips, baby food and baby product. Admin can add and delete baby names.
Users of the System
Functional Requirements
1. Admin
Can login and logout.
Can add baby names.
Can view baby names.
Can delete baby names.
Can add new pages.
2. Users
Can view baby names.
Can view baby tips.
Can view baby food.
Can view baby products.
Non-Functional Requirements
Secure access of confidential data (user?s details). SSL can be used.
24 X 7 availability
Browser testing and support for IE, NN, Mozila, and Firefox
Reports exportable in .XLS, .PDF
Create a detailed UML diagram (Component, Sequence, Class) for the system and its sub-components
User Interface Priorities
Professional look and feel
Use of AJAX atleast with all registration forms and with every search option and at the id of each searched result with onmouseover event.
Tools to be used
Use any IDE to develop the project. It may be Myeclipse / Eclipse / Netbeanse.
Oracle 10g for the database.
Server: Apache Tomcat/JBoss/Glassfish/Weblogic/Websphere.
Front End and Back End
Front End: JSP, JDBC, Javascript, AJAX
Back End: Oracle10g
How project works?
To get detail explanation about project download the document file. It includes snapshots with explanation.

Software Requirement to run this project
You need to install an IDE Eclipse / Myeclipse / Netbeans.
MySQL database. (Here, we are not using any username and password for MySQL database).
How to run this project
1) Import the SQL file in MySQL (located in Web-Content directory)

2) Paste mysql-connector.jar file inside lib directory.

3) Import the project on the Eclipse IDE and run it.

Password for Admin
Username is admin and password is admin123.