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you can install it on Xampp Server on your Pc

Student information system project in PHP MySQL source code free download
PHP source code projects for student information system free download: This engineering project is totally based on all advanced technologies like PHP script and MySQL database with AJAX, JQuery, CSS and JavaScript’s. Countries like USA, UK, Australia & Canada are implementing these kind of PHP projects in schools, institutes and colleges.
This PHP script for student information system is used to save all the reports about students and their academics performances. Each semester marks, results and grades are stored in the centralized MySQL database of this project. Obviously this is a web based project that can be access from anywhere in the world. It will work good in localhost and internet servers as well. Student’s marks and grade details are visible for their parents. More excellent projects available in our PHP mini projects download. Extra details are available at the bottom.

Title: PHP student’s information system
Domain: Web technology
Front-end: PHP Script, AJAX, JQuery
Back-end: MySQL database
Category: PHP projects
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These PHP source codes will helps to automate the all student related academic stuffs. In this application, parents and students can see the various course details and regarding instructors/lecturers details also. This code contains few modules also. They are,

Admin module,
Attendance details report,
Contact & course details,
Exam information,
Lecturer information,
Exam Results,

Installation Steps
1 Install Xampp Server on your Pc .
2 Download Attachment and Extract it .
3 Open Downloaded Folder Copy Student Folder and Paste in Xampp htdocs
4 Create A Data Base with Name studentinfo and Import file in that data base from downloaded Folder have Data Base Folder File studentinfo.sql
5 Click on http://localhost/Student you Will See The Following Page .