Php MySQL Book in Urdu Book and Lectures Series .

As we have been learning PHP in Urdu language. Also there are many websites on the internet which also teach PHP online with great examples. But most of them teach this course in English. While I have passion to teach these things in Urdu+Pashto languages. I earlier published basic PHP tutorials here and then I created projects in PHP and just recently I uploaded complete PHP video course in Urdu. You can find them easily on this blog. However, today I am going to share a free PDF E-Book with you, which is completely in Urdu language. in this book PHP course has been described very nicely in Urdu language. I have also decided to make complete PDF books of particular software in Urdu language.

This book has written by a Pakistani developer Shakeel Muhammad Khan. The book contain the course from theory to starting coding and from basic to advance level has been explained practically. This book is a great opportunity for learning PHP web development free in Urdu. Book contains 249 pages and it can be read with Adobe Reader (Acrobat). You can download this PDF book from a given link below the post.

This book is absolutely free and you can use it for learning PHP. However, you should consider our efforts and share our efforts with your friends and other people that all get free knowledge. Also I have planned to write complete PDF E-books of particular software such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SEO. So I would recommend you to enter your email address in below box to receive my upcoming tutorials & e-books via email.

I have Made These Videos Series In Urdu on PHP You Can Learn Php Form Me On My YouTube Channel .

Or You Can Download This Booklet From Given Link . Though it is Old Version of Book and Some Tasks Never Works Which I Explained In My Videos .